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Published by admin on 17 May 2012

May 17, 2012 Fishing Report

Jim Bongaart 2012 Fishing Opener

Jim Bongaart 2012 Fishing Opener

Last Saturday’s weather was beautiful and the sun warmed the cooler air quickly resulting in a good drift bite. Anglers caught lots of nice eating-size and larger walleye, but a took a little longer than usual to take limits. Many large northern pike and some jumbo perch were also being taken. Anglers had success at the Grand Vu sand grass flats when working a 1/8-ounce dark green metallic jig tipped with a spot tail shiner in 7 to 10 feet of water. The best reports came from the big lake in such areas as Pine Point, Star Point, the Goose Island area, First and Second Duck Points, and Traders Bay. On the east end, Otter Tail Point, Stony Point, and the Portage Bay sand grass flats produced some walleye limits. Other areas producing fish included Walker Bay, Cedar Point, Templar Point, South Walker Bay, and Mounds Point in Steamboat Bay. The water will continue to warm this week, and the walleye and northern pike catch should improve in many of these spots.  (Taken from Leech Lake Area Chamber of Commerce fishing report)


Published by admin on 13 May 2012

Walleyes caught on Leech Lake in late spring hot spots

The Curley's limit out on first day

The Curley's limit out on first day

A successful 2012 Fishing Opener on Leech Lake.  On Saturday, May 12 the air temp was about 35 degrees with a few of our cabin guests heading out early in the morning.   

The Walleyes have scattered from the usual early ice out hot spots although one of our cabins hit their limit fishing Pine Point.  Past years we have counted 100’s of boats on Pine Point, although this year there were few due to the early ice out. 

The Curley’s from central Minnesota headed to Two Points in Portage Bay.  Using a jig with shiner in about 10′ of water they limited out on Walleye their first day of fishing.  Jack Curley shared with us that he was just north of of the point on a rock pile. 

Other guests have been doing well on the west side of Goose Island on the flats, a usual late spring fishing hot spot.  Again using a jig with shiner either drifting or trolling.  Our neighbor Norm, went out Sunday morning and took in three walleye with a jig and a leech. 

More photos to come…Dave, Tammie and Terry or any other anglers, why don’t you share some of your fish stories and photos from 2012 Fishing Opener?

Published by admin on 11 May 2012

We’ve Got Live Bait

Yes, the time is really here, 2012 Fishing Opener.  Today is Friday and we are expecting a full house of fisherman this week end.  Steve had the bait delivered today, a sure sign the season has started.  We have Shiners, about 4″ big, perfect for Walleye.  Fatheads, Crappie Minnows, Crawlers and Leeches.  It is early to even receive leeches, but with the early ice out they were available and we though we would cover all the bait.

Published by admin on 09 May 2012

Is the aquatic invasive species rules decal on boats still required by law?

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May 7, 2012

AIS Decal

Q. Is the aquatic invasive species rules decal on boats still required by law?
A. NO. A new law passed in 2012 repeals the previous 2011 requirement for the rules decal. Watercraft owners are no longer required to place the silver and black decals, which includes a summary of the state’s AIS laws, on their boats. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) began distributing the decals earlier this year and will continue to distribute them to interested boat owners for informational purposes only. Although the decal is no longer mandatory on boats, it is still provides helpful information about the AIS laws. Boaters who have decals can still place them on their boats, trailers, or other water-related equipment as a reminder.

Published by admin on 28 Apr 2012

2012 Pre-Opener Walleye Fishing Report

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PRE OPENER MAY 12th, 2012 Fishing Report

The 2012 Walleye Fishing Opener is approaching fast, so here are the current lake conditions.  The average temperature of the water is about 46 to 51 degrees in the narrows and in harbors.  Some walleye have spawned and there are still some to go.  Search for fish in the regular spring opener spots, such as: Pine Point, Stony Point, windward side of Goose Island and Hardwoods Point.  Start in shallower water and drift or slowly troll, going a little deeper each pass. 

The presentation should be on a bright jig or Lindy rig with live bait.  The presentation should be a little slower and use the smaller shiners to get the good ‘eaters’ up to 18″.  We have a slot limit on Leech Lake all fish are released between 18 and 26 inches.  A bag limit of four walleye, one capable of being over 26″.

We have one cabin open for FISHING OPENER 2012, in our one bedroom Beach House with king bed and queen sofa sleeper.  The rate is $150 a night with a three night minimum.  You can bring in an extra twin bed for three guests which would run $190 a night.  Beach House has been remodeled this spring to include a new wall of windows over looking the lake and new living room furniture and kitchen flooring.

Published by admin on 28 Apr 2012

Adventure North Resort’s Deals and Specials

Visit our specials page

Current Specials

June 3 departing June 9, 2012 

Stay six nights for the price of four nights

Cedars 5 bedroom - $2700 based on 15 guests

Shoreview 4 bedrooms - $2000 based on 10 guests 

June 9 - 16                                                                                                                                              Heritage, 4 bedrooms -reduced rate of $2250 based on ten and $1800 based on eight.                          Beach House, 1 bedroom - reduced rate of $750 based on two guests.                                                                     

June 16 through August 4                                                                                               Book Heritage or Shoreview and receive $200 off lodging

Heritage 4 bedroom - was $3400 now $3200 based on ten guests                                                     Shoreview 4 bedroom - was $3250 now $3050 based on ten guests

August 11 - 18, 2012 

25% off summer lodging rates                                                                                                           Woodlands 3 bedroom - $1245 based on 6 guests


August 18 - 25 and August 25 - Sept 1, 2012

up to 45% off summer lodging rates                                                                                                 Woodlands 3 bedroom - $913 based on 6 guests

August 25 - Sept 1

Cedars 5 bedroom - $2365 based on 15 guests

Woodlands 3 bedroom - $913 based on up to six guests

Evergreen I 2 bedroom - $750 based on four guests

Beach House 1 bedroom - $750 based on 2 guests


Labor Day week - arrive Sept 1 departing Sept 7

Stay 6 nights for the price of four nights

Cedars 5 bedroom - $2700 based on 15 guests

Shoreview 4 bedrooms - $2000 based on 10 guests

Woodlands 3 bedrooms - $1080 based on six guests

Evergreen II - 2 bedrooms - $800 based on four guests

Published by admin on 28 Apr 2012

What’s New…

For 2012 we have been busy adding new toys and remodeling cabins.  First we added a new water toy for kid’s and adults.  The Aqua glide Jungle Jim, a climbing pyramid anchored off the swimming beach providing hours and hours of fun. 

Steve’s remodeling efforts have been spent in the Beach House, adding a new wall of windows overlooking the beach and lake.  New furniture is coming this Thursday, so I will post photos then.  Steve also bumped out a wall and made a real (and really needed) closet off the king bedroom.  Finally we replaced the kitchen flooring.  So, a new spruced up one bedroom Beach House.  The open dates and rates are June 9-16 $750.  June 23-30, $910 and August 25-Sept 1, $750.  Beach House is open through mid October with reduced fall rates.

Right now Steve is replacing the carpeting in Woodlands, three bedroom.  The old blue carpet was worn down to the nap so the new carpet and color will look fantastic.

What’s new with me?  I finished my winter job up, at Lundrigan’s in Walker.  I work the winter months a couple days a week.  If you haven’t been into the store it is a must.  You can get a sneek peek at

I also finished up washing and hanging out to dry bedding for 65 beds.  Making it 195 mattress pads and blankets all done!   Well, gardening seems like a the next project.

Published by admin on 15 Nov 2011

Extra Kid’s Games July 7-14 AND receive $200 off Lodging

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We do kid’s games every Tuesday between June 16 and August 11 for this week we are holding
                                                            KID’S GAMES - PUMPED UP
Stay with us July 7 - 14 in Shoreview or Heritage and receive $200 off the base rate.  
                                                          Plus KID’S GAMES - PUMPED UP
Shoreview & Heritage, two story lake homes with four bedrooms able to sleep 8 to 16 guests.              



             Games for Kids Up to 12 years

    Games for kids starting at 4 years to 12 years.          Teen’s have a special Treasure Hunt.  


                   Kangaroo Hop Sack Races                            Take a bite without using your hands! 


                       Minnow Races                                                           Bingo on Wednsday Nights


                                There is always something to do at Adventure North Resort.    



Heritage: NOW $3200

$3400 based on ten guests

This amazing two story lake home offers:

  • Walk-out basement

  • Four bedrooms

  • Two baths

  • Jacuzzi bathtub

  • Heated sauna

  • Central Air

  • Family room on each Level with TV/DirecTV

  • New appliances

  • Two refrigerators

  • Dishwasher

  • Magnificent views from your deck on the lake. 




Shoreview: NOW $3050

$3250based on ten guests

This amazing two story lake home offers:

  • Walk-out basement

  • Wrap around deck overlooking the pool and beach

  • Four bedrooms

  • Two baths

  • Central Air

  • Family room on each Level with TV/DirecTV

  • New appliances

  • Dishwasher
  • Magnificent views from your deck on the lake. 

Full week stays, Saturday arrival and departure.  New Reservations Only.

Based on availability. 30% deposit required.

Each additional guest over the age of three years runs$160 for the week or $40 per night per person.


Published by admin on 06 Nov 2011

Ice Fishing Adventure North Resort

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Adventure North Resort offers heated ice fishing houses for our resort guests staying in our cabins.  We do not rent sleeper houses although guests can fish overnight.  Our heated ice houses are 7′ x 12′ with six holes and chairs.  The rates are $100 a day Friday through Sunday and $80 a day Monday - Thursday.  If you need ice fishing rods and gear we do rent sets for $10 a person a day which includes 2 poles and tackle.  We sell fresh bait and tackle here along with premium gas and ice. 




The ice houses are located off Pine Point of Leech Lake either in Trader’s Bay or the Grand View Flats area of the Walker Narrows, Leech Lake.  We keep plowed roads open to the ice houses allowing you to use your own vehicle to drive out.  Just let us know when you would like to fish and Steve will heat up the house and drill the holes for you before you arrive.  We also drill extra holes around the house for tip ups or outside angling.  If you are bringing a portable or wheel house, we also plow an area off the road to set your house.


Once you catch the fish, no worries, Steve does all the fishing cleaning for you!  Just let him know if you would like them for dinner or packaged to take home with you and they will be ready. 


Snowmobile rental in the area is available in Grand Rapids, about a 1 hour drive from here.  It is the closest place I have found with rental.  The have very responable rates, $225 week end day, $150 week day, 3 day $375.  You can contact them at 800.542.0036.  You can trailer the sleds back to the resort or take them from the rental shop out on hundreds of miles of trails.


During your stay come on over to the Heritage House, a seperate lake home,  for a fine Minnesota gourmet meal served in front of the fire prepared just for your party.  We serve breakfast, dinner and box lunches upon request.  Entrees such as; New York Strip, Walleye, Baby Back Ribs and Porterhouse Pork Chops served with fresh bread, homemade soups, Leech Lake Wild Rice and desserts.  Breakfast runs $10 a person and dinners run $25 a person.


We will strive to meet your every need and make your stay enjoyable.  Adventure North Resort also accepts pets.


If we can provide any additional information please do not hesitate to call.


Yours in service,


Shay Fortier Krogen and Steve Krogen, owners

Adventure North Resort, Minnesota

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