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As the summer draws to a close the lake surface temp is dropping.  The current temp is 64 degrees which is down 7 degrees from last week.

The perch are biting in the Walker Narrows, 2nd Duck Point and east of Stony Point along the weed edges.  A simple presentation of a fathead and hook has been working.  We are starting to see daily limits of 9″ or better size perch each day.

Walleyes have been more of a challenge this late summer. The slot limit is 18″ to 26″ are returned to the water.  The walleyes we have seen have come from Pine Point, Stony Point and Walker Bay.  The leeches that recent guests have brought with them are just not producing.  We suggest rainbows right now with a chartruse jig, or a heavy slip weight to get the bait to the bottom.  Trolling shad raps in the evening in Trader’s Bay.

Our fall rate breaks down to $45 a person a night with a minimum of four guests.  We have a couples rate of $140 per night.  Check out our Y-Bone video on You Tube at  We clean all your fish for you and Steve takes personal pride in giving you bone free Northern.

Our muskie fishing guests have seen a lot of action.  This is a photo of Mike Sweetland.  Mike is 7 years old from Stillwater, MN and caught his first muskie on 8/12/10 at around 8:00 p.m.  He had been out fishing for muskies since Saturday 8/7. The bait was a topwater and the fish was 39” and was released.  He reeled it in by himself.  Mike Muskie Leech Lake Minnesota Walker

Terry Griggs and his fishing partner Dave Olson have caught eight muskie between them this summer.  Terry Griggs, “Tuesday July 20th… 2nd Musky of the season… 49″, caught on a surface bait, in a foot of water, very near our resort-Adventure North!!! What fun, it struck once and missed it…I let the plug sit, the fish came back and grabbed it and took off like a streak.”

  Summer Muskie Leech Lake Walker Minnesota