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Leech Lake Walker Minnesota Resort

Map of Leech Lake

Leech Lake Walker Minnesota Resort


  • Leech Lake is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. Its irregular shape with many large and small bays makes for lots of “secret” fishing spots.
  • Leech Lake is well known among Minnesota anglers for its walleye, northern pike, jumbo perch and muskellunge fishing.
  • Leech Lake also provides quality angling opportunities for largemouth bass, black crappie, and sunfish in several shallow vegetated bays.

For more information, visit the DNR’ s Lake Finder

Leech Lake is the third largest lake entirely within the boundaries of Minnesota and has approximately 112,000 surface acres.  The deepest area of Leech Lake, MN is located in Walker Bay where depths reach around 150 feet deep. Approximately 80% of Leech Lake is less than 35 feet deep.  Adventure North Resort is located 15 miles from Walker, MN by car and about 20 minutes by boat.  The resort is located is marked with the red star on the Leech Lake map, located on the tip of Pine Point, making our location ideal for getting around the large lake fast and without burning a lot of fuel.

WalleyedrawingLeech Lake Fishing Regulations

To provide a great fishing experience while protecting the mature female walleye population the MN DNR has issued a regulation that each MN licensed angler may have a possession limit of 4 walleye with one longer than 20.0″ allowed in possession.

Adventure North Resort works locally with the MN DNR to help preserve our lakes and have our DNR commercial fish packers license.  This allows us to clean, package and label your fish for travel without having to leave any skin on the filets.

Minnesota Fishing Licenses

Please purchase your Minnesota fishing license before arriving at the resort.  All guests over age 15 will require a fishing license and a Social Security Number will be needed to purchase.  Kids 15 and under can fish without a license if there is an adult with a license present.

We do not sell licenses here.  You can purchase MN fishing licenses in three ways:

  2. by phone at 1-888-665-4236
  3. At a Walker MN merchant such as Orton’s Y mart of Reed’s Sporting

 Aquatic Invasive Species Management

Before going to a body of water, boaters should complete one of the following recommended actions. 1. Dry the boat and all water-related equipment for a minimum of 5 days, or 2. Wash/power spray the boat (preferably with hot water) to remove and kill all plants and organisms in an area that will not run into the lake.

Boaters are required to complete three main actions before leaving the access.   1. Clean the boat by removing all plants, mud, debris, and organisms from the exterior and interior of the boat (including angling equipment and the anchor). 2. Drain all water from the boat and other water-related equipment, including bait water. 3. Pull the plug (it must remain out during transport).