Explore the Best Fishing Experience at Leech Lake, Minnesota

Welcome to Leech Lake, a hidden gem for anglers nestled in the heart of Minnesota! As one of the largest lakes in the state, Leech Lake offers a plethora of fishing opportunities that are sure to excite both seasoned anglers and newcomers alike. At Adventure North Resort, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable…
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Only 17 More Days to Walleye Fish.  Ice Conditions for Leech Lake, MN

Only 17 More Days to Walleye Fish.  Ice Conditions for Ice Fishing Enthusiasts: If you’re still eager to get out on the ice, you’re in luck – the ice fishing season is still going strong here at Adventure North Resort on Pine Point, Leech Lake.  Only 17 more days before Walleye and Pike close on…
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Ice Fish Now On Leech Lake, Minnesota

January 10, 2024:  Ice Fish Now On Leech Lake. It’s like early ice and we’re thrilled to announce Adventure North Resort is now in full swing! Ice Conditions: Private Shore Access: Our ice houses are located on a consistent 12” of ice on the west side of Trader’s Bay, just south of the tip of…
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