January 10, 2024:  Ice Fish Now On Leech Lake.

It’s like early ice and we’re thrilled to announce Adventure North Resort is now in full swing!

Ice Conditions:

Private Shore Access: Our ice houses are located on a consistent 12” of ice on the west side of Trader’s Bay, just south of the tip of Pine Point. We have private lake access for our cabin guests only. The houses are located in 9-12’ of water and our earlier anglers have taken in some beautiful walleye and Northern pike already. With sub-zero temperatures on the horizon, we’re creating more ice every day, ensuring a solid foundation for your winter exploits.

Early Catches: Early anglers have already reported successful outings, with impressive catches of walleye and northern pike. While perch have been smaller so far, the thrill of the catch is abundant on Leech Lake.

Fishing Information:

Centrally Located on Pine Point: Adventure North Resort sits on the picturesque Pine Point of Leech Lake, offering private access to plowed roads and heated ice fishing houses. Our commitment to personalized service sets us apart, from drilling your fishing holes to warming up the house before you head out. And yes, we’ll even clean and package your fish for you, complimentary.

Bait Recommendations:  For a successful fishing experience, we recommend using 1/8 oz jigs with live bait, sometimes just the head of the minnow. You can purchase live fresh bait directly at our location, and we’re more than happy to bring it out to your icehouse for added convenience.

Rattle Jig Strategy: Consider using a buckshot rattle jig or spoon for walleye, Northern pike and perch. Use the tried and true strategy where one person rattles their fishing pole while another pole remains a dead stick about 1’ off the bottom. The rattler pole attracts the fish, making them more likely to bite on the dead stick. Good colors to use are chartreuse, gold, pink or perch or choose from the Super Glo jigs.

Hassle-Free Ice Fishing Packages:

Make the most of your winter escape with Adventure North Resort’s all-in-one ice fishing package. Enjoy the convenience of booking your cabin and icehouse in one seamless experience. Drive out through our private access to explore miles of plowed roads. Your package includes cabin lodging with an icehouse rental located off Pine Point of Trader’s Bay or Grand View Flats of the Walker Narrows. Each cabin provides one bed per person.

Non-Sleeper Icehouses: While our icehouses are non-sleepers without bunks, you’re free to fish at any time of day or night. Your winter adventure is just a booking away!

Learn More about Adventure North Resort Winter Adventures:

Visit our website to dive deeper into the details of Adventure North Resort Winter Adventures. Discover the magic of Leech Lake’s frozen beauty and the exceptional experiences that await you.

Embark on a winter expedition like never before. Book your cabin and icehouse package now and immerse yourself in the thrill of ice fishing on Leech Lake with Adventure North Resort. Let the icy escapade begin!

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